Product Details

MJ-LED-3H1564B Self-testseries

MJ-LED-3H1564B Self-testseries Product Details

MJ-LED-3H1564B Self-testseries Product Details

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MJ-LED-3H1564B Self-testseries

3Hr LED Emeraency liahting kit with Self test functiondesianed to suit a wide

range of LED types and circuits,The models have LiFePO4 battery able to guarantee

high efficiency with high temperatures The kit is a standalone unit designed to

provide maintained or non-maintained The kit is designed accordingtolEC61347-1



1.Status of the battery

2. Status of the LED

3. Charge condition

4. Duration test

5.Function test

Self-test function

30days test

Timer starts when battery is fully charaed and the LEDindicator turns into areenthe device will automatically self-test 2mins every 30davs.During this time. the LED

unit will be supplied by the battery,the LED indicator will flashing green and red every other for 2minsflashing every 1second

.365days test

The device will automatically self-test for 60mins every365days,During this timethe LEDunit will be supplied by the battery,the LED indicator will fashing green and

red every other for 60mins.flashing every 0.3second.This is totest discharging time and battery voltageIf the battery capacity is enough working.the device wil

automatically to next working cycle.Otherwiisethe LED indicator will flash red color

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