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MJLED-RPA seri Product Details

MJLED-RPA seri Product Details

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MJLED-RPA series

The kit is a standalone unit designed to provide maintained ornon-maintained.

emergency lighting using LED strips.The unit use belowed battery to provide

power output to the LED Emitter in emergencyconditions.The LED Emergency

lighting kit are designed accordingtoEN61347EN61547EN55015EN61000

Technical Details

1.Supply Voltage AC 200-240V

2. LED Power: 1500W

3.Battery:Li-ion or LiFePO4

4.Max Load current8A

5. Charging time:24H

6.Ambient Temperature rangeta:0°C~+50°C


Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Our warranty does not cover defects and /or damages due to in

mproper use or not conforming to the operating and

installation instructions. The battery life is over it must be taken to a recycling centre.

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