Product Details

MJ-LED-FPPC-B series

MJ-LED-FPPC-B series Product Details

MJ-LED-FPPC-B series Product Details

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MJ-LED-FPPC-B series

LED Emergency lighting kitdesigned to suit a wide range of LED types and

circuits, The models have LiFePO4,Li-ion battery able to guarantee high efficiency

with high temperatures. The kit is a standalone unit designed to provide maintained

or non-maintained. The kit is designed according toIEC61347-1IEC61347-2-7


Technical Details

1.Input Voltage220-240V/50-60Hz

2.Output Voltae:180V-240V

3.Emergency Duration:1H

4.Recharge Time: 24 Hours


6.Plastic CaseSize:265x185x95mm

7.Ambient Temperature:0°C-+45°C

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