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MJ-LED-FPPC-RC Product Details

MJ-LED-FPPC-RC Product Details

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3Hr LED emergency lighting kitdesigned to suit a full emergencycircuits.The

models have Li-ion batteries able to guarantee high efficiencywith high

temperatures. The LED emergency lighting kit can be use for LED tubeLED panel

lighting.LED downlighting and Ceiling lampThe LED emergency lighting kit are

designed according toEN61547EN55015EN6100.

Technical Details

1.Supply VoltageAC100~240V50/60HZ

2.LED Sources:50Wmax

3. Battery:Li-ion

4.Max load current:3Amp

5.Charging time:24H

6.Ambient Temperaturerange ta0C-+50C

7.Max.casing temperature tc:+70C


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